Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feats for Kobolds in 4th Edition

*Illustration by Mark Perez, aka circepig on

[Below is a list of feats for the kobold in your 4th edition game]

Heroic Tier Feats:

Shake Off
Prerequisite: Kobold
Benefit: At the end of any turn in which you shift you gain a +1 bonus to saving throws until the start of your next turn.

Active Gambit
Prerequisite: Kobold
Benefit: When you use an action point you can shift 1 square as a free action.

Tactical Ploy
Prerequisite: Kobold
Benefit: Once per encounter, when an adjacent enemy moves away or an enemy moves adjacent you may shift 1 square as a free action.

Kobold Saboteur
Prerequisite: Kobold
Benefit: You gain a +2 insight bonus on thievery checks made to disarm or disable traps.

Mob Mentality
Prerequisite: Kobold
Benefit: You gain a +1 to hit enemies who are threatened by 2 or more of your allies.

Horde Initiate
Prerequisite: Kobold
Benefit: When aiding another you can make two rolls and use either result.

Paragon Tier Feats:

Horde Adept
Prerequisite: Kobold, Horde Initiate
Benefit: When aiding another you provide an additional +1 bonus (for example, from +2 to +3).

Shifting Ruse
Prerequisite: Kobold
Benefit: When a power would allow you to shift, you may forgo the movement to instead gain a +1 bonus to AC and Reflex defense until the start of your next turn.

Epic Tier Feats:

Lord of the Horde
Prerequisite: Kobold, Horde Adept, Horde Adept
Benefit: As a standard action you can grant an adjacent ally a minor action. He must spend this minor action immediately or it is lost.


Swordgleam said...

These are cool, but a lot of them are kind of weak. Shake off is awesome and something any kobold would probably want, but Active Gambit is not too strong. Kobold Saboteur is very weak, considering you can take Skill Focus and get a +3 bonus on ALL thievery checks. You could argue that the two stack, but there are so many awesome feats in 4e that I doubt anyone would put that many feats into being exceptional at disarming traps. Perhaps give it some other bonus, like the ability to reroll a disable trap check 1/encounter?

Shifting Ruse is cool and adds nice tactical options. Horde Adept is very weak for a paragon tier feat. Lord of the Horde is weaker than a lot of low-level Warlord powers, so I don't see someone taking weak feats just to gain access to it.

I like a lot of these and they are very kobold-y, but I think you need to bump up the power level.

Francis B said...

Thanks so much for the feedback. Hmm, I can definitely see your points, and I think I'll have to take a look at these and rewrite a few of them.

I'm glad you think they feel like something a kobold would do however.

Adding the 1/encounter re-roll can certainly assist the Saboteur feat, and I think Horde Adept can be dropped down to Heroic tier and remain viable.

Lord of the Horde might have to be completely redone, maybe as a warlord class feat...I am doing Kobolds and the Martial Power Source next...

And once again, thank you so much for the feedback. I've been out of commission for awhile with personal issues and am certainly relieved for the feedback.