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Alley Oop: Teamwork Maneuvers in 4e D&D

* This post is part of the RPG Bloggers July Carnival on D&D, organized by 6d6 Fireball

Dungeons and Dragons has always been a game about teamwork, but in the 4th edition of the game it has been kicked up to the nth power. No player is left without a job to do in 4E Combat, and while they all can deal substantial damage by themselves, it is when you start using powers in concert and in certain conditions that the system really starts to stand out.

What is a Teamwork Maneuver?
A teamwork maneuver is any series of actions in combat that is enhanced by the actions of the others, or achieves some goal that it couldn't do by itself. Essentially, a teamwork maneuver is a couple of powers that when used in the right situation and order are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Teamwork Maneuvers and Roleplay
The Fastball Special is an attack involving the X-men Colossus and Wolverine. Wolverine allows his super strong friend Colossus to toss him like a baseball at an enemy that he may otherwise be unable to reach. The move is so iconic that when Joss Whedon wrote it into Astonishing X-men he didn't even need to use dialogue to explain it.

Your team could have its own special moves, born out of a familiarity with each other and an understanding of the party's strengths and weaknesses. The combination of the cleric's Weapon of the Gods and the fighter's Tempest Dance could be called the Holy Hurricane for instance.

Example Teamwork Maneuvers
I've created a few teamwork maneuvers that you can pull out for your next game session. They all follow the same format:

Name of the Maneuver
Purpose of the Maneuver

This section describes what you need to use the maneuver, for instance: 1 lvl 3 ranger, 1 lvl 3 dragonborn paladin with the hurl breath feat.

The Setup
This section will explain what the ideal situation is for the maneuver, and to make it easier I've provided pictures. It will explain what position you and your enemies should be in before using the maneuver, and what effects or conditions have to be active to use it.

The Execution
Here you will find the step by step guide breaking down how to perform the maneuver. Each entry assumes that the last step was successful.

Super Mr Sticky
This move places an annoying enemy near the fighter, severely damaging him in the process.

1 lvl 1 Cleric
1 Fighter
A small room with only two possible exits

The Setup
Move the fighter off by himself in the middle of one exit. Then have the cleric move opposite him blocking or near another exit, keeping an enemy between them.

The Execution
1st: Have the cleric use Guardian of Faith, placing the conjuration on the same square as the fighter.
2nd: Have the cleric spend an action point and use Cause Fear, thus
forcing the opponent to attempt to rush past the fighter.
3rd: Wait for the opponent to provoke an opportunity attack from the fighter, then have the fighter attack, hitting the opponent and thus stopping him in place.
4th: The fighter should, known as Mr Sticky, can keep the enemy from moving away from him.
5th: Make an attack with the guardian of faith.
6th: Repeat steps 4 and 5 as needed.

Its Raining Dailys
When fighting a solo you need your daily attacks to hit. If you can pull this move off, it will make hitting with daily attacks a cakewalk.

1 lvl 7 Rogue with Brutal Scoundrel, wielding a light blade
1 lvl 1 Warlord with an impressive Intelligence modifier
A party with daily attacks to burn

The Setup
Flank the solo with both the rogue and the warlord, and make sure all allies are within 5 squares of the warlord. Preferably the rogue and warlord should go before the rest of the party.

The Execution
1st: Have the rogue attack with Imperiling Strike, dropping the opponent's AC and Reflex defenses by the rogue's Str Mod (should be at least 3)
2nd: Now that the enemy's defense is down, have the warlord use Lead the Attack, raising all allies' (including himself) attack bonus by 1+his Int Mod.
3rd: Start using your daily attacks, enjoy.

Trapped! By a Burning Chill
Crush your enemy with assured damage every turn.

1 lvl 1 Warlock
1 lvl 5 Warlord
1 lvl 1 Wizard
*Either the Warlock, the Warlord, or both have to be tieflings, or otherwise resistant to fire damage.

The Setup
Flank your tough opponent with both a warlord and a warlock, at least one of them should have resistance to fire damage.

The Execution
1st: Have your warlord attack the enemy with Villain's Nightmare.
2nd: Now that your villain is trapped, have your warlock use Armor of Agathys
3rd: Add insult to injury by having your Wizard cast Flaming Sphere, placing it adjacent to both the enemy and the wizard's flame retardant ally.
4th: When the enemy's turn comes up, roll damage for both Flaming Sphere and Armor of Agathys.

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Oro Invictus in the Monster Manual

*Condemned 2 (and therefore the picture of the Dark Watcher[ seen above] and Magic Man [below]) belong to Monolith Productions and Sega.

[Below you'll find the final of four posts about a 4th edition D&D player race inspired by the game Condemned 2 Bloodshot, but you don't need to have ever played the Condemned games to use them. Although, if you enjoy video games, I implore you to try Condemned. Today's material presents the oro with a new paragon path, new feats, and some words on the oro and classes, all with a theme of the arcane power source.]

Oro Invictus

The oro are a race derived from humans who used wild magical energies to evolve into a new and hardier form. Using their newfound powers a group arose within the oro, forming the shadowy organization known as the Oro Invictus. The Oro Invictus sought (and still seeks) to control the human populace, and guide them towards dominance over all other races...except of course the oro themselves.

Powerful and secretive, the oro hide out amongst humans in sleeper cells, awaiting their chance to asert their control over the masses.

Oro Invictus Lor
A character knows the following information with a successful History check.

DC20: The Oro Invictus are a secret organization that rose out of the ashes of the Nerath Kingdom. They seek to reassert human dominance over the land, and will use all manner of methods to reach their goal.
DC25: The members of the Oro Invictus are actually members of a race that revealed itself shortly before N
erath fell, these humanoids are hardier and more charismatic than humans, and are known for using these traits to gain authority from those around them.

Encounter Grou
While the oro usually only
work with their own kind, those within the Oro Invictus often use humans and beasts as tools of war.

Level 8 Encoun
ter (XP 1,775)
  • 1 Destrachan (level 9 artillery)
  • 5 Human Lackeys (level 7 minion)
  • 1 Oro Psychopath (level 10 elite controller)
Level 10 Encounter (XP 2,350)
  • 2 Oro Chanters (level 9 artillery)
  • 3 Oro Dark Watchers (level 8 skirmishers)
  • 1 Oro Magic Man (level 10 controller)
Oro Chanter

Oro Dark Watcher

*One of the readers let me know that the Oro Dark Watcher didn't have his Will defense properly displayed on the stats, so I have fixed the error and updated the power card. Thank you to the anonymous reader, I am in your debt.

Oro Magic Man

Oro Psychopath

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Oro in Arcane Power

*Condemned 2 (and therefore the picture above) belong to Monolith Productions and Sega.

[Below you'll find the third of four posts about a 4th edition D&D player race inspired by the game Condemned 2 Bloodshot, but you don't need to have ever played the Condemned games to use them. Although, if you enjoy video games, I implore you to try Condemned. Today's material presents the oro with a new paragon path, new feats, and some words on the oro and classes, all with a theme of the arcane power source.]

The Oro and the Arcane Power Source

Oro Bards
With their high Charisma scores Oro are a great match for the bard. While they have their own bardic legacy (the Oro Mentalist) many Oro bards gravitate to the Voice of Thunder (from Player's Handbook 2) as it naturally meshes with their own abilities.

Oro Sorcerers
Oro are endowed with an impressive Charisma which makes them natural sorcerers. The wild energies that created them, and their own affinity with thunder lend them to both the Wild Magic and Storm Soul sorcerous paths.

Oro Swordmanges
Although oro rarely take up the art of weaving spells and blade together, when they do their natural resilience makes them excellent shielding swordmages.

Oro Warlocks
Innately high Charisma and Constitution means Oro can become immensely skilled warlocks. However, their belief in their own natural prowess means that the oro warlock is a rare sight indeed. Members of the race rarely enter into a pact, although those who do are well equipped to gain the powers of any entity.

Oro Wizards
The number of oro wizards pales in comparison to those who choose the path of the sorcerer or bard, however, those who do take to arcane study make adept summoners. The oro's tendency towards feelings of supremacy lend themselves well to the art of calling and commanding various creatures.

New Feats

Adaptive Infusion
Prerequisites: Oro, Artificer, He
aling Infusion
Benefit: When an ally would gain a +1 power bonus to AC from one of your Resistive Formulas, the player may instead apply the +1 power bonus to any one of their defenses.

Channeled Thunderclap
Prerequisites: Oro, wizard
Benefit: When you use a wizard pow
er that has the thunder keyword, you add either you Constitution or Charisma (chosen at the time of this feat) to damage rolls.

Clamorous Soul
Prerequisites: Oro, sorcerer, spell source
Benefit: You gain a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls when you use a power with the thunder keyword. In addition, if you currently have thunder resistance due to your sorcerer class, you may ignore 5 p
oints of thunder resistance with any sorcerer spell.

School of Indomitable Resonance
Prerequisite: Cha 13 or oro race, any arcane class.
Benefit: You gain a benefit with any of the following spells you possess.

Storm Walk (sorcerer): If the enemy attacks you before the start of your next turn, you gain a +1 bonus to AC against that attack.

Thunderwave (wizard): Your attack takes a -2 penalty to hit allies.

Viscious Mockery (bard): If you score a critical hit with this attack, you can forgo giving the target a -2 on his attack rolls to instead have him grant combat advantage to you and one of your allies until the start of your next turn.

New Paragon Path

Oro Mentalist “Your master cares nothing for you, kill him.”

Prerequisites: Bard

There are those among the oro with the power to bend and shape another's will to their own ends. These are the oro mentalists, and you are heir to their legendary power. As an oro mentalist you can turn your enemies against each other with a word, and break the minds of lesser foes with a thought. It was your kind that started the war that ended Nerath, and while that nation is dead and gone thanks to this art, the power is now yours to do with as you wish. Shall you topple nations? Bring villains to their knees under your might? Or carve out a place for yourself among the legends?

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Oro in Martial Power

*Condemned 2 (and therefore the picture above) belong to Monolith Productions and Sega.

[Below you'll find the second of four posts about a 4th edition D&D player race inspired by the game Condemned 2 Bloodshot, but you don't need to have ever played the Condemned games to use them. Although, if you enjoy video games, I implore you to try Condemned. Today's material presents the oro with a new paragon path, new feats, and some words on the oro and classes, all with a theme of the martial power source.]

The Oro and the Martial Power Source

Oro Fighters
A high constitution can see oro fighters through any fight, and their high charisma can make even the most ruthless enemies quiver in their boots and surrender, after a liberal dose of intimidation.

Oro Rangers
Oro rangers suffer a slight disadvantage in that neither of their ability scores match up with the ranger's three primary abilities. However, that doesn't discourage a great deal of oro from taking up the two-bladed style, and allowing their greater fortitude see them through the tougher battles.

Oro Rogues
The oro make skilled trickster rogues, with a higher charisma than normal meaning an impressive artful dodge. With a history of operating in the shadows and a dark outlook on life many martial oro are drawn to the rogue class, often becoming master spies (Martial Power) to put their silvered tongues to good use.

Oro Warlords
The oro make skilled warlords, favoring the inspiring presence and abilities like commander's strike which allow them to exert their authority over others.

New Feats

Evolved Companion
Prerequisites: Oro, ranger, beast master
Benefit: Your beast companion gains resist thunder 5 + 1/2 level.

Perfect Physique
Prerequisites: Oro, fighter, battlerager vigor
Benefit: You gain resist melee weapon 1 whenever you have tempory hit points granted to you by your battlerager vigor class feature.

Roll with the Punches
Prerequisites: Oro, rogue, artful dodger
Benefit: You may use either your Constitution modifier or Charisma modifier for the purpose of calculating the artful dodger rogue talent. In addition, the bonus also applies to opportunity attacks that target Fortitude and Reflex.

Rousing Chant
Prerequisites: Oro, warlord, inspiring presence
Benefit: When an ally would regains hit points due to your inspiring presence class feature, they may instead add half of your Charisma modifier as a bonus to a defense of their choice. This bonus lasts until the end of their next turn.

New Paragon Path

Oro Ascendant
“You may have the first shot.”

Prerequisites: Oro, any martial class, trained in endurance

Forged in the flame of wild energy and molded from the ashes of human history the oro are a resilient people, hardier than they were before, and every bit as adaptable as the humans they left behind. When the war came that inevitably claimed the kingdom of Nerath some oro chose to fight alongside the humans rather than manipulate the war from the shadows. These oro subjected themselves to strict training regimens, ultimately forcing their bodies to adapt to the pain they subjected themselves to.

With their bodies enhanced by an unnatural fortitude these oro, collectively known as “Pallium Victoria”, the song of victory, these soldiers slammed into the battlefield safe in the knowledge that they could withstand anything their enemy could throw at them.

You are the heir to their skills. Perhaps you found a master trained in the ancient arts, and learned from him the skills possessed by these historic warriors. Maybe, due to years of fighting, your body has begun to adapt to the rigorous stress of battle, natural giving you the tools needed to survive. Regardless, you are an unbeatable champion. Your supernatural toughness allows you to ignore the worst of your foe's blows, and your mighty endurance stabilizes you as you trade blows with your enemy.

Resurgent Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to use a second wind, you gain resist 10 to all damage until the start of your next turn.

Defensive Counterstrike (11th level): If an enemy hits you before your next turn after you have used either a second wing or the total defense action, they take damage equal to your Constitution modifier.

Stonewall Style (16th Level): If an enemy hits you before your next turn after you have used either a second wing or the total defense action, they take a -2 to all their defenses.


Apparently the schedule posting feature of blogger is down currently, and I've been too busy moving to check and make sure things were coming online as they should. To those of you who came here this weekend and yesterday expecting content, I apologize. I should have checked in a little sooner to make sure things were running smoothly.

That having been said, things are going to be a little choppy around here until blogger either fixes its schedule post feature (pretty please) or I'm done moving into my new apartment. I assure you I will be posting the rest of the oro, and in fact part of that is going to be coming online following this apology, at around ten or eleven tonight (I'm a little bit preoccupied at the moment).

So, later today you'll be seeing material for the oro that simulates what they would have been like had they been in Martial Power, a new paragon path, a short blurb or two about how they work with different classes, and new class/racial feats.

Tomorrow after work (about 5:30pm GMT-5) I'll post up the Oro as they would have appeared in Arcane Power, including a potent new bard paragon path for the race, new class feats, and a look at oro in various class possibilities.

Saturday I'll post up the oro monsters I was talking about, presenting them in the same format as the forth edition D&D Monster Manual, including lore, tactics, and of course encounter groups.

Once again I want to apologize for any inconvenience this new publishing schedule has caused you, and I'll try to straighten things out as soon as possible.

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VG Meet DnD: The Oro from Condemned

*Condemned 2 (and therefore the picture above) belong to Monolith Productions and Sega.

[Below you'll find the first of three posts about a 4th edition D&D player race inspired by the game Condemned 2 Bloodshot. They have been completely reworked to fit into the D&D game, with a new backstory, attitude and culture. I have tried however, to keep what makes the Oro Invictus so interesting, but you don't need to have ever played the Condemned games to use them. Although, if you enjoy video games, I implore you to try them out someday.]

Many years ago, a guild of mages dedicated to the perfection of the human race used mysterious texts they discovered to unlock an unknown arcane power. They subjected their children to the wild magics they uncovered. Although the process left many children dead, those who survived showed increased endurance and a strange affinity with sound. In time these children grew older and were led to believe they were the next stage of human life. Thus the Oro Invictus or “Invincible Voice” were born. Dedicated to bringing their gifts to the kingdom of Nerath they infiltrated many positions of power and used their influence to try and shift the course of human evolution.

Contacting a powerful gnoll tribal leader named the White Ruin the oro provoked a war upon the human kingdom of Nerath. They planned to use their power to end the tumultuous war, thus the people would revere them and accept their gifts regardless of the cost. But the cost of the war was far too high.

A powerful group of oro formed a splinter group. Calling themselves the Rememdium, the cure, they struck out against their brethren and snapped the hold the oro had over the kingdom of Nerath. Unfortunately their act of bravery came too late. The king and all his valiant children were slain in the final battle against the gnolls. The kingdom of Nerath was no more, and the oro's plan of ascension had failed.

Average Height: 5' 6”-6'2”
Average Weight: 150-235 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Cha, +2 Con
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Arcana, +2 Endurance
Human Heritage: You can take feats that have human as a prerequisite (as well as those specifically for Oro), as long as you meet any other requirements.
Sonic Resistance: You have resist thunder 5 + 1/2 level.
Sound Burst: You can use sound burst as an encounter power.

Descended from a bloodline of humans who used terrible magics to alter their own children, oro have no realms of their own choosing to instead live among human cities and towns. They are descended from powerful mages who used dark magics to enhance their race. Long ago their culture dissolved and the oro left have been left to choose their own path.

Play an oro if you want...
◆To use sound itself as a weapon
◆ To be a hero striving to overcome his dark culture
◆ To be a member of a race that favors the sorcerer, warlock, and bard classes.

Physical Qualities
An oro's appearance is similar to their human heritage. They come in a wide variety of heights, weights, hair and eye colors. However, as a side effect to the arcane reconfiguration of their bloodline all skin colors of an Oro are pallid, almost corpselike in nature. The wild magics inherent in the creation of the Oro gave them a greater bone density, thus they are slightly larger and heavier than their human cousins.

In clothing oro's favor dark colors, most often black or red. They like leathers with straps, buckles and spikes. Oro arms and armor often have sleek or smooth designs, alluding to their perfectionist past. Metal plays an important role in customary oro wardrobe. Special metal devices can help to amplify an individual oro's sonic prowess. Thus many oro have a multitude of piercings or modify their clothes with chains.

Playing an Oro
After the destruction of the kingdom of Nerath both the Invincible Voice and the Rememdium went to ground. However, the similarities end there. Those oro who chose to follow the Invincible Voice quickly set about establishing fresh contacts in the human world. The Rememdium however chose to coexist rather than coerce their brethren and for the most part disbanded, seeking a normal life among what remained of the human lands.
Although their are oro who know nothing of their past, most are instructed in the history of their race from a young age. The message contained in these lessons can vary greatly depending on the background of the parent. Many oro learn early on of their distinct advantages over humans, and have a deeply ingrained superiority complex. Others believe that oro are no better than man, merely different.
Years of hiding their true nature means that the oro have a hard time opening up to others, often keeping secrets even from their closest friends and families. They feel the lies are necessary for their safety and are very slow to trust even the kindest of people. A cultural history of manipulation and a hunger for power and dominance instills many oro with a powerful pride that can easily slip into outright arrogance. This can most easily be felt in their dealings with humans, who they often see as lesser cousins incapable of making the jump to true greatness.
Unsurprisingly oro are not a numerous people, and those oro outside the Invincible Voice do not often seek out their own kind. Instead they live life as humans do, for they are of course still human themselves. They can have children with humans, but the baby is always another oro.

Oro Characteristics: Arrogant, cunning, intellectual, perfectionist, proud, suspicious, withdrawn.

Male Names: Acario, Adalrico, Delmar, Durant, Ezio, Hadrian, Korvin, Levin, Magnus, Marius, Peril, Valerian, Zanobi

Female Names: Avis, Candra, Dabria, Elata, Galena, Isola, Levana, Perdita, Quintessa, Renata, Reva, Severina, Valora

Racial Feats:

Heroic Tier Feats:
These feats are available to any oro who meets the prerequisites.

Enhanced Sound Burst [Oro]
Prerequisite: Oro, sound burst racial power.
Benefit: When using your sound burst racial power, you may choose to push any targets hit 1 square.

Oro Resilience [Oro]
Prerequisite: Oro
Benefit: Gain a +1 bonus to your Fortitude defense and a +2 bonus on Endurance checks made to resist diseases.

Reactive Outburst [Oro]
Prerequisite: Oro, sound burst racial power
Benefit: When an enemy moves adjacent to you, you may use your sound burst power as an immediate interrupt.

Paragon Tier Feats:
These feats are available to any oro of 11th level or higher who meets the prerequisites.

Sonic Emission [Oro]
Prerequisite: Oro, sound burst racial power
Benefit: When using your sound burst racial power you may choose to instead target a single creature within 10 squares. If you do, deal the damage and resolve effects as normal, in addition the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Epic Tier Feats:
These feats are available to any oro of 21st level or higher who meets the prerequisites.

Unearthly Reserves [Oro]
Prerequisite: Oro
Benefit: Once per encounter when you become bloodied you regain the use of your sound burst power.

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The Protective Idol

*Art by Kristian Juul Rasmussen (AKA skrir on Deviant Art)

[Below you'll find a new magical item for fourth edition D&D, complete with a backstory and adventure seed]

The Protective Idol

Long ago in a remote village of the kingdom of Nerath there was a village whose lord and knights had already gone off to war against the gnoll forces who threatened their nation. However, with the knights gone, bandits and worse came forward to assault the little village. A cleric of Bahamut begged his god for help against the foes that plagued the townspeople, and possessed by the spirit of the Platinum Dragon, he took up knife and wood and began to carve an image in his god's likeness.

When the bandits came next the cleric led a group of townsfolk against them, and although the fight was hard, and the people outmatched, the little wooden carvings that Bahamut had granted them turned away the worst of the blows. The bandits, not having the same luck, soon fled, and never bothered the region again.

While the name of the cleric and his village have passed into the ether, the knowledge of those wooden carvings have not. Today many temples (of various gods) make use of protective idols, to the point that some people carve idols and carry them around regardless of enchantment, feeling safe regardless.

Adventure Seed

Aware of a large and hostile group of goblinoids in the area, a priest aks the PCs to travel to a temple deep in a forbidding forest to acquire protective idols for the fight ahead. Of course, the goblins have gotten to the temple first.

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Edmund Tendel, Human Wild Mage

*Photography by Darrin Anderson

[The following is the last of three non-player characters (the first being Aelfiriat) made with Monte Cook's Dungeon A Day specifically in mind. Of course you'll be able to use them without running that campaign, but, if you are running it these wonderful gems should fit right in.]

"Welcome and be merry, for I've a favor to ask of you."

Edmund Tendel is a self-stylized nobleman. No one doubts his expensive tastes or his pompous nature, but no one really knows if he is truly of noble blood. The distinction matters little here in Bridenford. What does matter is that Edmund is rich, intelligent, and dedicated to funding groups of adventures who go to Dragon's Delve. Although he claims his goal is to procure items of beauty, his nominal interest in other matters relating to the Delve and his expertise on things magical drive people to wonder what his true angle is.

But he also serves as Altayr, mage and spy. Using his spells (invisibility, disguise self, detect thoughts, clairaudience/clairvoyance and others) he finds out what others are hiding. Of course, Altayr has his reasons for listening in. He seeks the research of the Mages Four, though for what purpose who may know.

Edmund Tendel is rich, powerful, and obsessed with beauty. It wasn't always this way. Tendel's past is something he doesn't share, but if one were to dig deep enough they may find the truth. Edmund is of noble blood, the bastard son of a minor landed noble and a bar maid that shared, for the briefest of moments a bed. Edmund was born with no last name, and a mother who worked diligently cleaning up the muck of a run down tavern in a large trading city. As a child Edmund begged his mother to tell him about his father, but she was either unwilling or unable to tell him.
But, the boy was resilient, and his drive awoke something buried deep within him. An ability to understand things magical, and soon, the ability to understand any language, disguise himself to evade notice, and then, finally the ability to rip into the minds of those around him and pull the knowledge he sought. Thus did the teenage man Edmund learn from his mother the name Tendel, using his sorcerous powers. Others in the city became increasingly uneasy around this boy with the steel blue eyes and his knowing grins, and they began to think about getting rid of Edmund.

It mattered little anyway, Edmund saved them the trouble by packing up and leaving the very night he found out about his father. He marched for days to the lord's keep, far away from the city he once called home. He came ready to accept his father's loves and his wishes, sure that the magic that flowed through him must belong to the nobleman.

What he found was a pathetic and opulent fool, obsessed with the small amount of land he had, and furious to have sired a child with a peasant woman. Lord Tendel summoned guards to seize the boy and planned on imprisoning him below until he could find a way to silence the truth forever. But Edmund was anything if not resourceful, and his magical nature warped, and great orbs of magical energy launched into his opponents, silencing them forever. He then struck down Lord Tendel in a fit of rage. With the blood of his father still covering his arms he bent down to hear the man's last thoughts, and discovered that his magical nature may stem from a mysterious dungeon known as Dragon's Delve.

Intent on uncovering the nature of his ever-evolving magic, Edmund took his father's title, and much of his riches and what retinue he could and traveled to Bridenford. There he set up a new life for himself, always careful to keep his magic in check, while he plumbed the mysteries of his past.

Edmund desires to uncover the nature of his magic, and how to control it fully. He has heard tales of powerful mages who did research in Dragon's Delve. Seeking to learn more Edmund funds adventurers who go into the dungeon, hoping that they will share with him whatever information they may find.

Using Edmund Tendel in Your Campaign
Edmund serves well as a patron for adventures, giving them a place to stay, using his charisma and leadership to find them opportunities they may not otherwise have access to. He can and will purchase many of the more artistic treasures PCs are likely to find during their career. As Altayr he can identify items, and use his contacts and magic to procure unique items for the players.

In either guise, Edmund has a detailed knowledge of many scholarly subjects, and may be able to point players in the right direction if they find themselves confused by new information.

Appearance and Behavior
Edmund stands tall at 6'1" with rich brown hair and deep steel blue eyes. He plays the role of the affluent nobleman well, wearing saffron clothes, accented by a bright crimson cloak and a velvet blue vest. He wields a masterfully made rapier which is mostly just for show, and has been known to use an equally impressive longbow when riding the countryside.

As Altayr he cloaks himself in dark robes, obscuring his face beneath a mask of shadows. Even if PCs were to get a look at Altayr under the mask, they would only find the scared and broken face of Edmund's father, pale and shattered, a testament to Lord Edmund's past.

Not Playing Dungeon a Day?
Edmund can easily be used as any noble patron for the player's, particularly if one of them happens to be a mage. Tendel may seek to study the player and try to understand how magic in general is supposed to work. Honestly though, there are many things you can do with Tendel. You could play him off as another pretentious noble, as a sorcerous spy for some enemy, as a patron of the arts who seeks to protect precious pieces, or use Altayr independently of Edmund as a mysterious magical salesman. Like the other PCs, change Dragon's Delve to any dungeon, ideally with ties to mages, perhaps a wizard's tower or labratory.

3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Stats by Francis Bousho

Lord Edmund Tendel CR 7
Human aristocrat 1/sorcerer 6
CN Medium humanoid
Init +1; Senses: Listen +2 Spot +2
Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblin, comprehend languages

AC 13, touch 11, flat-footed 12
hp 30 (7 HD)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +7

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee Masterwork Rapier +6 (1d6+2/18-20)
Ranged Masterwork Longbow +5 (1d8/x3)
Base Atk +3; Grp +5
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 6th)
3rd (4/day)---clairaudience/clairvoyance
2nd (6/day)---detect thoughts, invisibility
1st (7/day)---comprehend languages, disguise self, identify, magic missile
0 (6/day)---daze, detect magic, ghost sound, light, mending, prestidigitation, read magic

Abilities Str 15, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 16
Feats Combat Casting, Leadership, Skill Focus (Bluff), Skill Focus (Disguise)
Skills Bluff +16, Concentration +12, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +10, Gather Information +7, Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +7, Listen +2, Spellcraft +15, Spot +2
Possessions bracers of armor +2, masterwork rapier, masterwork longbow, 55 gp

Altayr the Midnight Mage CR7
Human aristocrat 1/sorcerer 6
CN Medium humanoid
Init +1; Senses: Listen +2 Spot +2
Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblin, comprehend languages

AC 13, touch 11, flat-footed 12
hp 30 (7 HD)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +7

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee Masterwork Rapier +6 (1d6+2/18-20)
Ranged Masterwork Longbow +5 (1d8/x3)
Base Atk +3; Grp +5
Combat Gear wand of summon monster I (1st)
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 6th)
3rd (4/day)---clairaudience/clairvoyance
2nd (6/day)---detect thoughts, invisibility
1st (7/day)---comprehend languages, disguise self, identify, magic missile
0 (6/day)---daze, detect magic, ghost sound, light, mending, prestidigitation, read magic

Abilities Str 15, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 16
Feats Combat Casting, Leadership, Skill Focus (Bluff), Skill Focus (Disguise)
Skills Bluff +16, Concentration +12, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +10, Gather Information +7, Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +7, Listen +2, Spellcraft +15, Spot +2
Possessions combat gear plus bracers of armor +2, masterwork rapier, masterwork longbow, hand of the mage, diamond dust (worth 800 gp), 55 gp

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Stats by Francis Bousho

Detect Thoughts, Farseeing and other Divinations:

In forth edition a lot of the utilitarian spells from former D&D incarnations became Rituals. Many of Edmund's 3.5 spells fall under these categories. To allow him the same versatility and to keep his oracle flavor I would give him access to a ritual book with the following:

Comprehend Languages, Wizard's Sight

If you have access to Arcane Power, I would also give him Object Reading, it definitely fits the flavor of his character, and might be the fourth edition answer to a lack of Detect Thoughts.

Iron Heroes Stats by Jeremy Land
Edumund Tendel, CR 7
Human (Changeling Child, High-Born [well-educated]) spiritualist 7
Med humanoid
Init +1; Senses Listen +10, Spot +10
Languages Common, Ancient Speech, First Speech, Kolorean, Infernal, plus any 9 others; speaking in tongues stigmata

Defense 17, touch 17, ff 10
Hp 59 (7 HD)
Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +7
Speed 30ft (6 sq)
Melee MW shortsword +8 (1d6+2/19-20)
MW light crossbow +7 (1d8/19-20, Rg 80ft)
Base Atk +5; Grp +7
Rite of Second Sight*, Rite of Trickery, Rite of the Mind, Rite of Summoning, Rite of the Spirits, Rite of Traveling
* favored
Pact Check
+11; +13 w/ Rite of Second Sight

Abilities Str 15, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 16
spirit servant, telepathic link, stigmata (a thousand faces, speaking in tongues)
(Lore 5/Social 4/Defense 3/Other 2) Skill Focus (Bluff), Skill Focus (Disguise), Alias (Altayr the Midnight Mage) 1, Alias (Altayr the Midnight Mage) 2, Political Mastermind 1.
ACADEMIA 10 ranks, PERCEPTION 10 ranks; Appraise +13, Bluff +16 (add +2 when Altayr), Concentration +12, Decipher Script +13, Diplomacy +15 (add +2 vs. nobility), Disguise +12 (add +7 as Altayr; add +2 while acting in character), Forgery +13, Gather Information +13, Heal +10, Intimidate +15, Knowledge (arcana, history, nobility/royalty) +11, Listen +10, Perform (acting) +13, Search +13, Sleight of Hand +13, Speak Language (10), Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +15, Spot +10, Survival +2, Use Magic Device +17.
Masterwork short sword, masterwork light crossbow, disguise kit, 55 gp

Due to his stigmatas, Edmund Tendel is extremely pale and possesses a forked tongue. He hides these with makeup and his Rite of Trickery, but as Altayr, he lets these traits shine through, instead changing such things as his facial features, accent, and garb.

pirit servant 7
iny outsider
nit +9; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +11, Spot +11
anguages Common, Abyssal, Infernal

Defense 20, touch 17, ff 13; DR 1d4/magic
p 35 (7 HD)
ort +5, Ref +9, Will +6
Speed 20ft (4 sq), fly 60ft (12 sq) average maneuverability
elee slam +12 (1d3-1, 20/x2) and 2 wing buffets +7 (1d2-1, 20/x2); sneak attack +1d6
Base Atk +7; Grp -1
Abilities Str 8, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10
SQ alter form (appearance, size [tiny, small]), telepathic link
eats Weapon Finesse 1, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse 3
kills MYSTICISM 10 ranks, STEALTH 10 ranks; Concentration +10, Decipher Script +10, Hide +23, Intimidate +10, Listen +11, Move Silently +15, Spellcraft +10, Spot +11, Use Magic Device +12.
Possessions n/a

Nyarlath is not a pleasant creature, and he is rarely in the presence of Edmund, but given their telepathic link, he always knows the whereabouts of his master. When Edmund makes the change to Altayr, though, he nearly always brings the spirit servant with him. Typically, Nyarlath appears simply as a cloud of smoke floating around a vaguely discernible body and flapping, demonic wings.

Note: The Iron Heroes version of Edmund Tendel uses a feat not found in the core books, Alias. It was written and posted to the Okay, Your Turn message boards, but following the conversion to Yuku, it seems to have disappeared.I'm unsure who the original author was, but I will be happy to add their name to this if I find out.

For completion's sake, then, here are the non-core feats that Edmund uses:
You have an alternate identity that allows you to move in society without revealing your true self.
Base Mastery: 1.
Benefit: Create a specific identity, such as "Waldren the rug merchant," with distinct mannerisms and appearances. When you disguise yourself as this identity, you gain various benefits. When making Disguise checks to use your alias, you gain a bonus to the check equal to your level. While in your alias, you gain a +2 bonus to Bluff checks.
Special: You may take this feat more than once. Each time you do, you must create a new alias, and the masteries you have for each alias are tracked separately.
Expanded Mastery: 2. Your alias has become more established as its own person. Any attempt to use Gather Information to discover the true connection between you and your alias suffers a penalty equal to your level. Also, if you fail a Disguise check to assume your alias identity, those who are familiar with your alias identity are less likely to recognize it as a disguise. Any Bluff check to persuade them that your odd appearance is due to something other than a disguise is treated as believable (-5 DC modifier).

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Camilla, Human Druid by Gillian Wiseman

*Photography by Darrin Anderson

[The following is the second of three non-player characters (the first being Aelfiriat) made with Monte Cook's Dungeon A Day specifically in mind. Of course you'll be able to use them without running that campaign, but, if you are running it these wonderful gems should fit right in.]

"If I don't do it myself, it may not get done right."

Camilla is a resourceful druid who seeks to uncover the mystery behind the Beast God's recent activities in the Fallen Duchy.

Camilla comes from a farm family who dwells a few days from Brindendford. They are ordinary folk, and were bemused when their younger daughter grew up with an instinctive love of wild things instead of neat rows of crops. Once she discovered the local druid circle, Camilla knew where fate was guiding her, and her family reluctantly let her go. She tries to return to them once each year, and sends letters home frequently. She is a loving daughter, a caring trustee of nature, and a very practical, competent adventurer.

Camilla wanders the area around Brindenford and regions to the south for about ten days in any direction. Recently her attention has been caught by the upswell of Beast Lord followers, and her explorations into the matter have led her to Chordille Keep as one potential source of the problem. She tried to enter the dungeon alone a few weeks ago, and was quickly forced to retreat, fearing to be cut off from the only entrance she knew of, and be trapped underground. She's now looking for a group of trustworthy cohorts to descend into the dungeon, clear out the Beast Lord's followers and find out where they are coming from.

Camilla's animal companion is a newly recruited Dire Badger. Her previous companion, a pony, felt deeply uncomfortable at being asked to go underground, so Camille released her old friend, and just called Digger to her a few days ago.


Camilla desires to understand where the Beast God's followers are coming from, why they keep returning to Dungeon Delve, and how to stop them. She fears their spread into the region, and most desires to know how to remove their spreading stain from her community.

Using Camilla in Your Campaign

Camilla is a practical, sensible woman. She will be found recruiting adventurers at the Lost Shepherd Inn, or perhaps lingering near the entrance to the Delve, seeking a group to join as they descend into the dungeon. She will only stay with a group long enough to discover where the Beast God's followers are coming from, and what draws them here. Once she's happy with that answer, she will follow it wherever it takes her. However, if she makes promises to aid a person in a task of their own, she will do her utmost to keep those promises. This may mean she lingers with a party, or comes back at a later time. She might also invite true friends to accompany her on her search for the Beast God's origin.

Appearance and Behavior
Camilla wears a simple brownish-purple dress, marked with symbols of her religion, and covered with a full green cloak, which also serves as her blanket when she sleeps on the hard ground. Her blond hair is worn loose, framing her face in waves. Her favored weapon, a sickle, glows with an inner green light, revealing that it is in some way enchanted. She's sensible, practical, unimaginative and very ordinary.

Not Playing Dungeon a Day?
Camilla is still very easy to play without the Dungeon a Day setting, and with only a few tweaks to the character as presented here. Change the town of Bridenford to any town your players happen to be near. Instead of followers of the Beast God, the people she is interested in could be orcish followers of Gruumsh, aberrations from the Far Realm, or any other group of antagonists that could upset the balance of nature. Finally, just change references to Dragon's Delve into references of said antagonists base. For instance maybe your orc barbarians have been gathering at the Iron Horn Peaks.

3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Stats by Gillian Wiseman
Camilla CR 4
Human Druid 4
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses: Listen +3 Spot +3
Languages Common, Druidic

AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15
hp 30 (4 HD)
Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +7
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee +1 Sickle +4 (1d6+1)
Base Atk +3; Grp +3
Combat Gear +1 Hide Armor, shield, +1 sickle
Druid Spells (CL 4th)
spells per day 5/4/3
Orisons: cure minor wound, detect magic, detect poison, light, resistance
L1:charm animal, entangle, goodberry, magic fang
L2: flame blade, summon nature's ally II, tree shape

Abilities Str 10, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 16, Cha 10
Feats Brew Potion, Combat Casting, Self-Sufficient
Skills Concentration +9, Diplomacy +3, Handle Animal +7, Heal +12, Knowledge (nature) +8, Survival +7, Swim +2
Possessions mundane camping gear, cure light wounds potion, magic weapon oil, sanctuary potion. 100 gp

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Stats by Francis Bousho

Some notes on the 4th Edition Conversion:

To keep the flavor of the character a few things had to change. Camilla is a Shaman in 4th edition, a character class that came out in Player's Handbook 2. However, you don't need that book to use her 4th ed stats.

Spirit: In the 4th edition version of the character, Digger is a spirit companion who can be summoned as a minor action in any unoccupied square within 20 of Camilla. He is a conjuration and is subject to those rules. Camilla can spend her move action to move Digger 6 squares, and Digger shares Camilla's defenses. If Digger takes 12 hit points of damage in a single attack he is dispelled and Camilla takes 7 damage. She can then summon Digger again as a minor action.

Some of Camilla's powers have Melee spirit 1 as the range, these attacks can be made against any enemy adjacent to Digger and represent Digger's attacks.

Iron Heroes Stats by Jeremy Land
Camilla CR 4
Human Spiritualist 4
Medium humanoid (Animal Affinity, Intuitive Learning)
Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Listen +10, Spot +10
Languages Common
Defense 18, touch 15, ff 16
(BDB +4, Dex +1, shield +3)
HP 36 (4 HD)
Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +7
Speed 30 ft (6 sq)
Melee masterwork sickle +5, (1d6+1, 20/x2)
Base Atk +3; Grp +4
Rites Binding, Curses, Heart, Summoning (favored)
Pact Check +8 (add +2 rite/summoning)
Abilities Str 12, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 17, Cha 18
SQ Spirit servant (see below), telepathic link
Feats (Lore 3/Social 2/Defense 1/Other --) Skill affinity (Heal/Survival), Healing Lore 1, Shield Proficiency, Instinctive Defense 1
Skills MYSTICISM 7 ranks, PERCEPTION 7 ranks; Balance +1, Climb +1 [add +2 when climbing with rope], Concentration +9, Decipher Script +6, Disguise +2, Diplomacy +13, Escape Artist -1 [add +2 when escaping rope bonds], Handle Animal +13, Heal +18 [add +2 reserve points restored], Hide +4, Jump -1, Knowledge (arcana) +6, Knowledge (nature) +8, Knowledge (religion) +6, Listen +10, Move Silently +4, Ride +6, Search +6, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +8, Spot +10, Survival +12 [add +2 in aboveground, natural environments and to track (doesn't stack); add +2 to hunt/forage], Swim -3, Use Magic Device +13, Use Rope +6.
Class Abilities Spiritualism, spirit servant, stigmata (shadow-eyed), favored ritual (rite/summoning)
Possessions Padded armor, heavy wooden shield, masterwork sickle, healer's kit, torch x3, flint and steel, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, 3 days' rations, 50 ft. hempen rope, waterskin, 17 gp, 25 sp.
Digger CR n/a
Spirit servant 4
Tiny outsider
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +0, Spot +0
Languages Common, Sylvan
Defense 17, touch 15, ff 14
(Dex +3, size +2, natural +2)
HP 26 (4 HD)
Resist 25% chance to ignore critical hits/sneak attacks
Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +4
Speed 20ft (4 sq), fly 60ft (12 sq)
Melee bite +8 (1d3+3, 20/x2)
Base Atk +4; Grp -2
Abilities Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 10
SQ Alter form (appearance), telepathic link, natural armor +2, DR 1d4/magic
Feats (Armor 2/Power --) Armor Mastery 1, Armor Mastery 2
Skills MYSTICISM 7 ranks, STEALTH 7 ranks; Bluff +7, Concentration +9, Disguise +7 [add +2 to act in character], Decipher Script +8, Diplomacy +2, Hide +18, Intimidate +2, Knowledge (arcana/nature) +7, Move Silently +10, Spellcraft +10, Survival +0 [add +2 in aboveground, natural environments], Use Magic Device +9
Notes Always appears as a baby badger, though a Spot check vs. Digger's Disguise check reveals that something is not quite right about him.

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Aelfiriat, Elven Ranger

*Photography by Darrin Anderson

[The following is the first of three non-player characters made with Monte Cook's Dungeon A Day specifically in mind. Of course you'll be able to use them without running that campaign, but, if you are these wonderful gems should fit right in.]

"May the gods grant mercy to those who stand between me and my goals, because I will not." --Aelfiriat

When Aelfiriat (Al-feer-y-aht) was a young maiden, she used to amaze the children with her rambunctious attitude and scathing tongue. Even as her mother tried to tame the girl Aelfiriat’s father would smile and secretly encourage the behavior. When she was old enough her father, who was a brave and powerful elven knight, taught her the ways of an archer. She learned quickly and gave great pride to her father. Using his position he sought a place for her amongst the rangers that protected the forest around their home. As she was finishing her training to become a ranger an old friend approached her father with a request for aid. This human friend, named Bareal called in an old favor to acquire her father’s aid in a trip to Dragon’s Delve.

Time passed swiftly, and her father did not return. Aelfiriat decided to make her way to Bridenford and see if she could find out what had delayed her father. Research into the matter brought dark tidings. Her father and Bareal had traveled into Dragon’s Delve many times, but once they did not return. Convinced her father is alive and driven to find him before that changes Aelfiriat may be encountered on the upper levels of the Delve, but more likely players will find her in the corner of the The Lost Shepard Inn, carefully listening for any rumors that could help her find the man who made her the warrior she is today.

Born to Feramar, a powerful elven knight, and his wife after the former had retired from adventuring to serve his people Aelfiriat was in a position of influence before she was old enough to use it. Her father commanded attention wherever he went and not because he demanded it. It was something in his bearing, in his past, in the way he held a sword and fought like a lion. When she was old enough to walk Aelfiriat would follow her father around everywhere, sometimes following him all the way to the Warrior's Hall. Here the young girl sat and watched as her father trained the older elven children in the art of war.

Noting his daughter's interest in his trade Feramar decided he would make her a fine soldier. He would put her to sleep by telling paraboles of elven warriors and there triumphs, their defeats. He taught her to see between the tales and grasp the tactical knowledge they offered, hidden behind the finery of poetry. He taught her the rules of engagement and what it meant to be an elven warrior. He taught her honor, pride, and courage.

The girl grew, she was spunky and full of energy and her father believed she was ready to begin her training in earnest. They would run as a pack of wolves in the morning, hunting the wild stag together and bringing the meat back for the tribe. They would drill combat maneuvers at midday, practicing with both sword and bow. Evening's flickering light would see them talking strategies late into the night. Life continued thus for some time.

Believing his daughter was ready to become a productive member of society Feramar used his influence to secure a position for her in the elven rangers. These warriors protected their homelands with bow and blade, dangerous combatents who could fade into the underbrush and attack guerilla style until their enemy routed or lay dead upon the ground to a man. Ranger training was difficult, but Aelfiriat was more than ready for it. She excelled at all manner of tasks that were set before her and it was believed she would finish her training in record time.

During this time an old friend of Fermar, a human by the name of Bareal came to Aelfiriat's home. No one knows the discussion that took place there, but at the end Feramar packed his bags and left the village. He left a message for his family that he was heading to a town called Bridenford to explore the nearby Dragon's Delve. He left, and he never came back. Once her training was finished Aelfiriat traveled to Bridenford and asked after her father. Telling the tale of a great elven warrior to any who would listen. It was during one of these conversations that she learned the dark news. Her father and Bareal went into the delve many times, but at one time, they never returned. Desperately hoping her father is alive Aelfiriat has tried many times to breach the dangers of the delve. But alone even her mighty ranger training it not enough. So she waits at the Lost Shephard for a party of adventurer's to work with.

For better or worse, Aelfiriat is tied to her father. Her entire life has been aimed at pleasing the great man and on emulating his prowess in herself. With him gone Aelfiriat has become unsure and confused. A hundred days of tactical drilling and physical excercise save her when battle is joined. But outside the deadly dance of death she doesn't know what to do. She refuses to admit her father's possible death almost fanatacally.

In the short term the elven ranger wishes to find allies powerful enough to travel into Dragon's Delve. To this end she can be found almost universally at the Lost Shephard, watching from the corner of the tavern for any powerful enough to help her on her quest. Although, when night falls Aelfiriat walks to the entrance of the Delve and set up camp near enough to watch the entrance. She is perturbed by the large amount of evil humanoids she sees, but without allies she cannot breach their position and find her father.

Beyond finding her father and getting him to come home safely, Aelfiriat has no idea what to do with her life. She is single-minded and stubborn in her decisions to delve into the dangers the Fallen Duchy provide, but she has no sense of greater purpose beyond that. She is confused and a lonely figure, and if the PCs try to befriend her they will have to prove themselves first. Once they do though, she will gladly give everything she has to keep them safe, rather than be seperated from more people she cares for.

Using Aelfiriat in Your Campaign
For lower-level parties with less than five players Aelfiriat makes a great ally for forays into the dungeon. She is more than proficient with a bow and she has a working knowlede of the types of humanoids in the Bestial Host. As a font for roleplaying you should play up her stubborn nature and her dedication to her father, but also her confusion in regards to what path her life will take.
If the party doesn't interact with Aelfiriat and leaves her to her own devices she may eventually try to tackle the dungeon on her own.

Appearance and Behavior
Aelfiriat is an extraordianrily attractive elf with raven black hair and a powerfully built lithe figure. Her face alternates between showing her courage and the worry she feels when she thinks about the future. She wears a stunning blue cloak that matches her armor and equipment and has her bow strapped to her back when not in use. A hip-worn holster made rests upon her hip, made from leather cured from her first successful hunt with her father.

Not Playing Dungeon a Day?
Dragon's Delve could just be a famous dungeon in your campaign, everything else still works as is. However, if you haven't checked it out, I implore you to check out, Monte Cook is doing some truly amazing things, and you can see some of the first floor as a preview without signing up. Take your players for a trip through those first rooms and see if DungeonaDay is for you.

3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Stats by Benoist Poiré
Aelfiriat CR 3
Elven Ranger 3
CG Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +3; Senses: Listen +6 Spot +6
Languages Common, Elven, Goblin

AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 14
hp 28 (3 HD)
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee Masterwork Longsword +5 (1d8+1/19-20)
Ranged Masterwork Composite Longbow +8 0r +6/+6 using Rapid Shot (1d8/x3)
Base Atk +3; Grp +4

Abilities Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 10
Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Track, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus (Longbow)
Skills Hide +9, Knowledge (nature) +7, Listen +6, Move Silently +9, Spot +6, Survival +6, Swim +9
Possessions MW composite longbow, MW longsword, Mithral shirt, elixir of hiding, elixir of sneaking, 300 GP, adventurer’s kit (backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, 2 sunrods, ten days worth of rations, 50 ft. of hempen rope, waterskin).

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Stats by Francis Bousho

Castles and Crusades Stats
by Benoist Poiré
Aelfiriat, Female elf ranger 3, HP 28; Prime Attributes: Strength, Dexterity (+2), Wisdom, AC: 16, Attk: Longsword 1d8, Longbow 1d8, ALG: CG, EQP: Longbow, Longsword, Chainmail shirt and leather coif, 300 GP, Adventurer’s kit (backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, 2 sunrods, ten days worth of rations, 50 ft. of hempen rope, waterskin).

Iron Heroes Stats by Jeremy Land
Female Human (Dexterous, Forest-Born [ghost in the green])
Archer 3, CR 3
Init +4, Speed 30 ft.
HD 3d4+12+6, HP 27
Defense 17 (touch 17, flat-footed 10); DR 1d3/magic
BDB +3
BAB/Grapple +2/+4
Ranged BAB +3
Attack (add +1 ranged attack/damage within 30 ft.): +9 ranged (MW comp longbow [+2], 1d8+2, 20/x3, range 110 ft.) or +7 ranged (shortspear, 1d6+2, 20/x2, range 20 ft.) or +4 melee (shortspear, 1d6+2, 20/x2).
Full Attack (add +1 ranged attack/damage within 30 ft.): +9 ranged (MW comp longbow [+2], 1d8+2, 20/x3, range 110 ft.) or +7/+7 ranged (MW comp longbow [+2] w/Rapid Shot, 1d8+2, 20/x3, range 110 ft.) or +7 ranged (shortspear, 1d6+2, 20/x2, range 20 ft.) or +4 melee (shortspear, 1d6+2, 20/x2).
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +5
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 10
Skills – AGILITY 6 ranks, ATHLETICS 6 ranks, PERCEPTION 6 ranks; Balance +11, Climb +7, Diplomacy +2, Escape Artist +9, Hide +9, Jump +9, Listen +8, Knowledge (nature) +9, Move Silently +3, Search +7, Sense Motive +8, Spot +8, Survival +8 (add +2 in aboveground, natural environments; add +2 in forested terrain), Swim +6, Tumble +11, Use Rope +4 (add +2 to tie someone up)
Feats (Projectile 3/Defense 2/Finesse 1/Other --) – Point Blank Shot 1, Precise Shot 2, Rapid Shot 2, Weapon Focus (composite longbow) 1.
Class Abilities - Aim pool, deadeye shot (deadly shot), bonus feat (Rapid Shot 2), deadeye shot (accurate shot).
Possessions – Masterwork composite longbow, 3 shortspears, studded leather armor, 28 gp, adventurer’s kit (backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, 2 sunrods, ten days worth of rations, 50 ft. of hempen rope, waterskin).