Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oro Invictus in the Monster Manual

*Condemned 2 (and therefore the picture of the Dark Watcher[ seen above] and Magic Man [below]) belong to Monolith Productions and Sega.

[Below you'll find the final of four posts about a 4th edition D&D player race inspired by the game Condemned 2 Bloodshot, but you don't need to have ever played the Condemned games to use them. Although, if you enjoy video games, I implore you to try Condemned. Today's material presents the oro with a new paragon path, new feats, and some words on the oro and classes, all with a theme of the arcane power source.]

Oro Invictus

The oro are a race derived from humans who used wild magical energies to evolve into a new and hardier form. Using their newfound powers a group arose within the oro, forming the shadowy organization known as the Oro Invictus. The Oro Invictus sought (and still seeks) to control the human populace, and guide them towards dominance over all other races...except of course the oro themselves.

Powerful and secretive, the oro hide out amongst humans in sleeper cells, awaiting their chance to asert their control over the masses.

Oro Invictus Lor
A character knows the following information with a successful History check.

DC20: The Oro Invictus are a secret organization that rose out of the ashes of the Nerath Kingdom. They seek to reassert human dominance over the land, and will use all manner of methods to reach their goal.
DC25: The members of the Oro Invictus are actually members of a race that revealed itself shortly before N
erath fell, these humanoids are hardier and more charismatic than humans, and are known for using these traits to gain authority from those around them.

Encounter Grou
While the oro usually only
work with their own kind, those within the Oro Invictus often use humans and beasts as tools of war.

Level 8 Encoun
ter (XP 1,775)
  • 1 Destrachan (level 9 artillery)
  • 5 Human Lackeys (level 7 minion)
  • 1 Oro Psychopath (level 10 elite controller)
Level 10 Encounter (XP 2,350)
  • 2 Oro Chanters (level 9 artillery)
  • 3 Oro Dark Watchers (level 8 skirmishers)
  • 1 Oro Magic Man (level 10 controller)
Oro Chanter

Oro Dark Watcher

*One of the readers let me know that the Oro Dark Watcher didn't have his Will defense properly displayed on the stats, so I have fixed the error and updated the power card. Thank you to the anonymous reader, I am in your debt.

Oro Magic Man

Oro Psychopath


Anonymous said...

The oro dark watcher has no will defense?

Francis B said...

I received an e-mail from an anonymous reader about an error on this post. Sadly I forgot to write in the Oro Dark Watcher's Will defense (which is 22). I'll have an updated stat block for the oro Dark Watcher up by Sunday. Thank you to the anonymous reader, I will certainly try to be more careful in the future, but if you happen to catch more of my goofs, please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail at or leave a comment.