Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Apparently the schedule posting feature of blogger is down currently, and I've been too busy moving to check and make sure things were coming online as they should. To those of you who came here this weekend and yesterday expecting content, I apologize. I should have checked in a little sooner to make sure things were running smoothly.

That having been said, things are going to be a little choppy around here until blogger either fixes its schedule post feature (pretty please) or I'm done moving into my new apartment. I assure you I will be posting the rest of the oro, and in fact part of that is going to be coming online following this apology, at around ten or eleven tonight (I'm a little bit preoccupied at the moment).

So, later today you'll be seeing material for the oro that simulates what they would have been like had they been in Martial Power, a new paragon path, a short blurb or two about how they work with different classes, and new class/racial feats.

Tomorrow after work (about 5:30pm GMT-5) I'll post up the Oro as they would have appeared in Arcane Power, including a potent new bard paragon path for the race, new class feats, and a look at oro in various class possibilities.

Saturday I'll post up the oro monsters I was talking about, presenting them in the same format as the forth edition D&D Monster Manual, including lore, tactics, and of course encounter groups.

Once again I want to apologize for any inconvenience this new publishing schedule has caused you, and I'll try to straighten things out as soon as possible.

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