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Oro in Martial Power

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[Below you'll find the second of four posts about a 4th edition D&D player race inspired by the game Condemned 2 Bloodshot, but you don't need to have ever played the Condemned games to use them. Although, if you enjoy video games, I implore you to try Condemned. Today's material presents the oro with a new paragon path, new feats, and some words on the oro and classes, all with a theme of the martial power source.]

The Oro and the Martial Power Source

Oro Fighters
A high constitution can see oro fighters through any fight, and their high charisma can make even the most ruthless enemies quiver in their boots and surrender, after a liberal dose of intimidation.

Oro Rangers
Oro rangers suffer a slight disadvantage in that neither of their ability scores match up with the ranger's three primary abilities. However, that doesn't discourage a great deal of oro from taking up the two-bladed style, and allowing their greater fortitude see them through the tougher battles.

Oro Rogues
The oro make skilled trickster rogues, with a higher charisma than normal meaning an impressive artful dodge. With a history of operating in the shadows and a dark outlook on life many martial oro are drawn to the rogue class, often becoming master spies (Martial Power) to put their silvered tongues to good use.

Oro Warlords
The oro make skilled warlords, favoring the inspiring presence and abilities like commander's strike which allow them to exert their authority over others.

New Feats

Evolved Companion
Prerequisites: Oro, ranger, beast master
Benefit: Your beast companion gains resist thunder 5 + 1/2 level.

Perfect Physique
Prerequisites: Oro, fighter, battlerager vigor
Benefit: You gain resist melee weapon 1 whenever you have tempory hit points granted to you by your battlerager vigor class feature.

Roll with the Punches
Prerequisites: Oro, rogue, artful dodger
Benefit: You may use either your Constitution modifier or Charisma modifier for the purpose of calculating the artful dodger rogue talent. In addition, the bonus also applies to opportunity attacks that target Fortitude and Reflex.

Rousing Chant
Prerequisites: Oro, warlord, inspiring presence
Benefit: When an ally would regains hit points due to your inspiring presence class feature, they may instead add half of your Charisma modifier as a bonus to a defense of their choice. This bonus lasts until the end of their next turn.

New Paragon Path

Oro Ascendant
“You may have the first shot.”

Prerequisites: Oro, any martial class, trained in endurance

Forged in the flame of wild energy and molded from the ashes of human history the oro are a resilient people, hardier than they were before, and every bit as adaptable as the humans they left behind. When the war came that inevitably claimed the kingdom of Nerath some oro chose to fight alongside the humans rather than manipulate the war from the shadows. These oro subjected themselves to strict training regimens, ultimately forcing their bodies to adapt to the pain they subjected themselves to.

With their bodies enhanced by an unnatural fortitude these oro, collectively known as “Pallium Victoria”, the song of victory, these soldiers slammed into the battlefield safe in the knowledge that they could withstand anything their enemy could throw at them.

You are the heir to their skills. Perhaps you found a master trained in the ancient arts, and learned from him the skills possessed by these historic warriors. Maybe, due to years of fighting, your body has begun to adapt to the rigorous stress of battle, natural giving you the tools needed to survive. Regardless, you are an unbeatable champion. Your supernatural toughness allows you to ignore the worst of your foe's blows, and your mighty endurance stabilizes you as you trade blows with your enemy.

Resurgent Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to use a second wind, you gain resist 10 to all damage until the start of your next turn.

Defensive Counterstrike (11th level): If an enemy hits you before your next turn after you have used either a second wing or the total defense action, they take damage equal to your Constitution modifier.

Stonewall Style (16th Level): If an enemy hits you before your next turn after you have used either a second wing or the total defense action, they take a -2 to all their defenses.

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