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Oro in Arcane Power

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[Below you'll find the third of four posts about a 4th edition D&D player race inspired by the game Condemned 2 Bloodshot, but you don't need to have ever played the Condemned games to use them. Although, if you enjoy video games, I implore you to try Condemned. Today's material presents the oro with a new paragon path, new feats, and some words on the oro and classes, all with a theme of the arcane power source.]

The Oro and the Arcane Power Source

Oro Bards
With their high Charisma scores Oro are a great match for the bard. While they have their own bardic legacy (the Oro Mentalist) many Oro bards gravitate to the Voice of Thunder (from Player's Handbook 2) as it naturally meshes with their own abilities.

Oro Sorcerers
Oro are endowed with an impressive Charisma which makes them natural sorcerers. The wild energies that created them, and their own affinity with thunder lend them to both the Wild Magic and Storm Soul sorcerous paths.

Oro Swordmanges
Although oro rarely take up the art of weaving spells and blade together, when they do their natural resilience makes them excellent shielding swordmages.

Oro Warlocks
Innately high Charisma and Constitution means Oro can become immensely skilled warlocks. However, their belief in their own natural prowess means that the oro warlock is a rare sight indeed. Members of the race rarely enter into a pact, although those who do are well equipped to gain the powers of any entity.

Oro Wizards
The number of oro wizards pales in comparison to those who choose the path of the sorcerer or bard, however, those who do take to arcane study make adept summoners. The oro's tendency towards feelings of supremacy lend themselves well to the art of calling and commanding various creatures.

New Feats

Adaptive Infusion
Prerequisites: Oro, Artificer, He
aling Infusion
Benefit: When an ally would gain a +1 power bonus to AC from one of your Resistive Formulas, the player may instead apply the +1 power bonus to any one of their defenses.

Channeled Thunderclap
Prerequisites: Oro, wizard
Benefit: When you use a wizard pow
er that has the thunder keyword, you add either you Constitution or Charisma (chosen at the time of this feat) to damage rolls.

Clamorous Soul
Prerequisites: Oro, sorcerer, spell source
Benefit: You gain a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls when you use a power with the thunder keyword. In addition, if you currently have thunder resistance due to your sorcerer class, you may ignore 5 p
oints of thunder resistance with any sorcerer spell.

School of Indomitable Resonance
Prerequisite: Cha 13 or oro race, any arcane class.
Benefit: You gain a benefit with any of the following spells you possess.

Storm Walk (sorcerer): If the enemy attacks you before the start of your next turn, you gain a +1 bonus to AC against that attack.

Thunderwave (wizard): Your attack takes a -2 penalty to hit allies.

Viscious Mockery (bard): If you score a critical hit with this attack, you can forgo giving the target a -2 on his attack rolls to instead have him grant combat advantage to you and one of your allies until the start of your next turn.

New Paragon Path

Oro Mentalist “Your master cares nothing for you, kill him.”

Prerequisites: Bard

There are those among the oro with the power to bend and shape another's will to their own ends. These are the oro mentalists, and you are heir to their legendary power. As an oro mentalist you can turn your enemies against each other with a word, and break the minds of lesser foes with a thought. It was your kind that started the war that ended Nerath, and while that nation is dead and gone thanks to this art, the power is now yours to do with as you wish. Shall you topple nations? Bring villains to their knees under your might? Or carve out a place for yourself among the legends?

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