Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Protective Idol

*Art by Kristian Juul Rasmussen (AKA skrir on Deviant Art)

[Below you'll find a new magical item for fourth edition D&D, complete with a backstory and adventure seed]

The Protective Idol

Long ago in a remote village of the kingdom of Nerath there was a village whose lord and knights had already gone off to war against the gnoll forces who threatened their nation. However, with the knights gone, bandits and worse came forward to assault the little village. A cleric of Bahamut begged his god for help against the foes that plagued the townspeople, and possessed by the spirit of the Platinum Dragon, he took up knife and wood and began to carve an image in his god's likeness.

When the bandits came next the cleric led a group of townsfolk against them, and although the fight was hard, and the people outmatched, the little wooden carvings that Bahamut had granted them turned away the worst of the blows. The bandits, not having the same luck, soon fled, and never bothered the region again.

While the name of the cleric and his village have passed into the ether, the knowledge of those wooden carvings have not. Today many temples (of various gods) make use of protective idols, to the point that some people carve idols and carry them around regardless of enchantment, feeling safe regardless.

Adventure Seed

Aware of a large and hostile group of goblinoids in the area, a priest aks the PCs to travel to a temple deep in a forbidding forest to acquire protective idols for the fight ahead. Of course, the goblins have gotten to the temple first.

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