Monday, June 22, 2009

A Taste of What's to Come

It took a long time for this project to finally reach fruition. It has underwent various iterations and forms, and gone over a few different hands for management and control, but finally, this project, this dream is here for all to see. The dream is a place for free game content for all gamers. In this economy it is the hope of Dungeon Brew to bring you free gaming material to help supplement your collection.

We've got some great things lined up for our readers. Starting with a group of five new monsters known as the Broodlings, elemental bugs that will be crawling under your player's skin in no time. But don't worry players because we've got some new magic items for you too, like the Protective Idol and the Razor Shield.

In Dungeon Brew we will try to cover a wide variety of game material, from adventures to PC races to deities and more. We will also try to cater to multiple games, though our priority does lie with everyone's favorite...Dungeons and Dragons.

When we post an article, or a piece of an article (in the case of some of the longer ones) we will label it. For instance, we have an upcoming PC race for 4th edition coming up and we would label that "4th Edition Race" so that at any time you can use the label links in this blog to easily find whatever you may be looking for. Sometimes, in the case of the Broodlings for instance, we will label the article multiple times to represent the various categories it falls into.

As for the release schedule. We are going to try and adhere to a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday release with occasional posts on Monday that deal with the site, or give some sort of bonus (look for printable Broodling counters on June 29). However, this is a labor of love and as I've learned (painfully) while trying to get it up and running, life does have a habit of getting in the way of our goals. But, if it comes to that we will post a release schedule change on a Monday before it officially starts to let you know.

Finally, if you would like to help out there are a few things that would be great:
  • We need a few go to artists willing to share their talent and their illustrations for a few of the future pictures.
  • You could submit your own articles to Dungeon Brew or link to threads, blogs, or other places where gamers can get their game on for free in the comments.
  • You could tell people about us, word of mouth, or post the soon to be released promotional flyer at your local gaming store.
If you are interested in helping in any way, or want to get in touch with us but don't want to use the comments to do so send us an e-mail at

Our first piece of material goes live tomorrow, but before that I'd like to say something. Thank you to everyone who has helped out and everyone who has waited so patiently--
Francis Bousho

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