Thursday, June 25, 2009

Win $1000 dollars in FREE goodies from Goodman Games

Over on their forums the great Joseph Goodman, head of Goodman Games (Of Dungeon Crawl Classics fame) has offered up a contest with a grand prize of $1000 dollars in Goodman Games products to be distributed to America's #1 Gaming Store, after which the store's fans can go to get some wonderful swag. I'll let Joseph explain:


This is Joseph Goodman from Goodman Games. When I recently posted my opinion on 4E, it generated some commentary in the RPG media, including thoughts on the role of friendly local game stores. In these tough economic times, we can all use a little helping hand, so I'd like to acknowledge those stores that deserve your patronage. Let's find out who those stores are -- and recognize them! I will donate up to $1,000 in Goodman Games product to the game store that you vote as America's Favorite Game Store. I am also openly inviting other publishers to participate as well. This product will be available as freebies and gift-with-purchase only to customers who purchase at that game store, and will include convention specials previously not available in stores. YOU can decide which store is America's Favorite Game Store, and make sure YOU get the chance to grab a freebie! Here's how it works:

Effective immediately, post on this thread to NOMINATE your favorite game store. Follow the format listed below. We will collect nominations for ONE WEEK. Effective midnight June 30, nominations end.

From July 1 to July 15, all nominated stores will be listed in a poll. Voting will last for TWO WEEKS.

Effective midnight July 15, the polls will close. Within one week of that, we will announce America's Favorite Game Store!

I will donate $5 of Goodman Games product for every vote cast for the winning store. If 200 or more gamers vote, the full $1,000 in product will be donated.

Update as of Thursday, June 25, 2009: Simon Rogers of Profantasy Software and Pelgrane Press has agreed to participate as well! For the winning store, Simon will contribute ProFantasy's software (worth $650) and $500 worth of Pelgrane Press material, to include one of the very few limited edition leather bound Trail of Cthulhu, signed by the contributors, worth $100.

The fine print:
* Highest vote total for a store wins.
* One man, one vote. Please do not attempt any sort of ballot box stuffing. We will screen the results.
* To be eligible, the store must be located in the USA and carry Goodman Games product. Aside from that, any store that stocks enough game product to be considered somebody's favorite game store is eligible.
* The winning store's contact information will be publicly posted so that other publishers may contribute as well.
* The winning store will also be profiled in a future issue of Level Up.
* The free product will consist of recent releases; broad-interest titles like the Character Codex, DM Campaign Record, and Level Up; Free RPG Day releases from 2009 and 2008; and other titles at the discretion of Goodman Games. All free product will be current merchandise.
* The free product will be distributed at the discretion of the winning store, and may involve a selection process of some kind. It is our intention that the product be awarded as a mix of pure freebies as well as items that are free with a purchase of $10 or more at the participating store. There may be other restrictions as well, as enacted by the winning store.
* Questions can be posted here.

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