Wednesday, December 16, 2009

VG Meet Dnd: Larva Crab Worms from Borderlands

[Below you'll find a 4th Edition rendition of the Larva Crab Worm enemies from the hit role-playing shooter game Borderlands]

Larva Crab Worms
Heavily armored subterranean threat who place their habitats near areas soaked with magic.

Larva Crab Worm Tactics
With their hardy scales and territorial nature Larva Crab Worms have a tendency to rush into battle, and use their Scuttling Charge ability to push opponents into advantageous positions. Against ranged foes or opponents they can't quite reach yet the Larva Crab Worms unleash their powerful Corrosive Spittle attacks. Regardless of their tactics, Larva Crab Worms make the most of their burrow speed, utilizing it to both ambush opponents and escape from hairy situations.

Larva Crab Worm Lore
Nature DC 14: The lair of larva crab worms are often placed near deposits of crystals, most notably the magical shock crystal which they cultivate and harvest in a symbiotic relationship. Because of their strange relationship with shock crystals, larva crab worms have built up a resistance to electricity.
Nature DC 17: Despite their thick protective scales larva crab worms are extremely sensitive to pain, and any grievous injuries quickly kill the beast.

Arcana DC 17: The shock crystals that larva crab worms are renowned for farming can be used to decrease the cost of items with the lightning keyword. Each fully-formed crystal (DM's discretion) can be used to lower the cost of an item with the lightning keyword by 10%.

Encounter Groups
Although protective of their shock crystal deposits, larva crab worms are occasionally pressed into the service of young Behir Bolter Whelps.

Level 10 Encounter (2,450 XP)
  • 1 behir bolter whlep (level 8 solo soldier)
  • 2 larva crab worms (level 8 skirmisher)

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