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Kobold as a 4th Edition Player Race

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[Below is a write up of the kobold as a player character race for 4th Edition DnD]

Small and crafty soldiers,
through their veins runs the blood of dragons.

Racial Traits
Kobolds have all the racial traits listed in the back of the Monster Manual, with the following changes:

Vision: Low-light

Elusive Target: You gain a +1 racial bonus to Reflex.

The chosen children of Kurtulmak, kobolds live in in cavernous labyrinths chiseled out of the side of mountains or carved from underground. Their homes are heavily defended with good use of terrain and deadly traps.

Physical Qualities
Standing about 3' 8" on average with slim, wiry bodies, Kobolds are covered in fine scales of green, tan or red. Their red or yellow eyes have the remarkable ability to pick out details in the dimmest of light, Their face is dominated by a lizard-like snout with foward-facing nostrils and remarkable red or yellow eyes that can pick out details in the dimmest of light. Finally the skull is adorned with small vestigial horns, and ear holes...much like the dragons they claim as relatives.

Hatching from eggs, Kobolds reach adulthood at the astonishing rate of seven years. Although violence keeps most kobolds from reaching a venerable age, they are capable of living well past one hundred years.

Playing a Kobold
Kobolds are taught to do one things from the moment they are born, survive. This trait makes many see the kobold as a cowardly species, but in truth kobolds have a cautious and tactical mind that constantly weighs the pros and cons of any action in an attempt to come out on top. They also learn to take pride in their heritage as the chosen servants of dragonkind. Dragonborn may boast of their great kingdom of Arkhosia, but kobold's know that they were made by Kurtulmak himself to defend dragonkind after the dragonborn empire failed.

It is this alternating feeling of pride and powerful survival instinct that makes kobolds the people that they are. Kobolds learn to work in tandem with others of their tribe to accomplish great tasks that no single member of the tribe could, at the same time each kobold tries to do better than his peers in an effort to prove his worth to those around him. This makes kobolds one of the most industrious races. However, these bonds dissolve when danger presents itself, because each kobold is ultimately looking out for his own best interest. A mantra of "better you than me" ensures that the craftiest, most intelligent, and skilled kobolds survive to sow the seeds for the next generation.

Kobolds who go seeking adventure are usually outcasts, often filled with an inordinate amount of pride who wish to make a name for themselves apart from their tribes.

Kobold Characteristics: Agile, crafty, cunning, hard-working, industrious, organized, proud, sly, tenacious, tricky

Male Names: Albrik, Dakarnak, Deekin, Korish, Meepo, Mekrit, Mokumok, Pun-Pun, Riphahn, Sithik, Tunark, Urzican, Vavgor

Female Names: Asiph, Aupinom, Dinsa, Ixinmerik, Kiszar, Kitrak, Liriss, Minaph, Quanip, Sabahn, Sefima, Sysix, Zalicka

Kobold Adventurers

Three sample kobold adventurers are described below.
Krit the Kobold is a traveling rogue and trapsmith. By constantly pitting himself against the work of others he hopes to collect enough research to perfect his craft. Wearing a small leather jerkin and wielding daggers he collected off the corpse of a fallen adventurer Krit travels into the deepest dungeons with his companions, scouting ahead and taking notes on any hazards they encounter.
Tarkin is a kobold warlord who along with his allies travel the ruins of Arkhosia, gathering artifacts belonging to dragons. Someday he hopes to build a new empire for the dragons, this time under the vigilant protection of his people. With his mighty dragonscale shield in front, he is prepared to face any foe.
Kitrak is a mighty sorceress. She comes from a long succession of wild mages, and although she could easily take up a position ruling her tribe she has decided to travel the world in the hopes of gathering even more power. If she comes back to her people, it will be with the deep understanding of the arcane arts.

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