Sunday, September 6, 2009

VG Meet Dnd: The Tank from Left 4 Dead

[Below you will find a new 4th Edition Monster converted from the popular game Left 4 Dead]

The Tank

Sometimes a zombie hulk goes down, gets back up but does not fall again. Some parties were lucky to drop him the first time, others are caught by surprise when the shambling giant rises a second time. In either case the zombie hulk has taken the first step to becoming the Tank.

When a zombie hulk rises a second time it is due to a large influx of necrotic energy from the Shadowfell. Normally the hulk is destroyed and this link is severed, but in some cases the zombie survives and continues to advance, using the Shadowfell as a battery for its consumption. These zombies grow in size and power, the result is the tank.

Tank Tactics
The prefers to start off the battle with it's basic melee the Hammer Fist, and once the opponent is prone use Ground Pound to ensure it stays down forever. If an opponent attempts to leave the Tank will grab the nearest large object, such as a cart and hurl it at them attempting to drop them right then and there.

Tank Lore
A character knows the following with a successful Religion check.

DC15: The tank is a powerful zombie whose punches can knock a grown man off his feet.
DC20: The tank is an evolved version of the zombie hulk, and due to the dual nature of its death is in an interesting state of decay. It's dry flesh is very susceptible to fire attacks.

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