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Pick Up PC, Eberk Ironshield: Dwarven Fighter

[Below you'll find the second of five Pick Up PCs for eleventh level play, each one can be downloaded and opened using the D&D Character Builder program. All five are from the Eberron campaign setting, although they can easily be ported to another campaign world if needed.]

Download Eberk Ironshield for use with the DDI Character Builder

Download Eberk Ironshield in PDF format


Eberk Ironshield, son of Eramus, son of Dorahn, current head of the Ironsheild family is Evard the Explorer's elder brother and devoted bodyguard. When the two were young Eberk trained all day long everyday to become a mighty dwarven warrior, he studied tactics, went through rigorous physical excersize, and sparred with the most skilled dwarves Stormreach had to offer him.

This life of martial discipline was ended prematurely when his brother Evard disappeared into the twisting tunnels of a Stormreach sewer. Eberk abandoned his routine, and began the search alone. Things were grim until he found Khava, a dragonborn from Argonnessen who traveled to the city to find her destiny.

She led Eberk through the sewers, and along with a few of Eberk's warrior companions they freed Evard from the grip of a clan of hobgoblins. From that point Eberk vowed never to let Evard go off by himself again.


Eberk lives to protect his brother from harm, to bring honor to his family, and to perfect his skills in the art of war. Of course, Evard's whimsical nature usually makes it hard to find time to practice, and running from place to place hardly increases the clan's holdings. Because of this Eberk often finds his brother's antics taxing, even as he resigns himself to the half-brained schemes. He is first and foremost an older brother, but more than that he is an honorable and brave dwarven warrior.


Eberk is brave, somber and collected. Although he rarely talks or draws attention to himself, he is always listening and watching, constantly assessing the situation. Evard is a selfless and confident man who expects more from Evard and his companions than they often give him. Strive to lead by example, become a paragon of hard work and a champion of the moral high road.


Crushing Challenge
With this technique there is only one way to escape Eberk's attacks, death itself.

The Setup
Eberk must be within five squares of the opponent and have a straight line of travel available.

The Execution
1st: Eberk charges towards the enemy using Shield Bash
2nd: Eberk uses his move action to close with the enemy.
3rd: Eberk uses an action point to attack the opponent with Blinding Smash
4th: On Eberks next turn attack the opponent with Pinning Smash.
5th: Obliterate your opponent.

Using Eberk in your Campaign

Eberk can easily be used in a campaign other than Eberron, other than his city of origin there is nothing in his character that ties him overtly to the continent of Khorvaire.

Using Eberk as an NPC

As a DM you can use Eberk as a skilled bodyguard, either protecting a prominent ally of the PCs, or more interestingly a hated rival or enemy. With Eberk's vast amount of healing abilities (a second wind that restores 50% of his health, and two dailies that allow him to heal on a successful attack) Eberk could easily become a reoccuring opponent who will quickly become a thorn in the PCs side.

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