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Pick Up PC, Khava: Dragonborn Rogue

[Below you'll find the third of five Pick Up PCs for eleventh level play, each one can be downloaded and opened using the D&D Character Builder program. All five are from the Eberron campaign setting, although they can easily be ported to another campaign world if needed.]

Download Khava for use with the DDI Character Builder
Download Khava in PDF format

Although she spreads a fallacy that she is from Argonnessen, Khava is actually from the jungle regions of Q'barra, a remnant from a shattered and weak dragonborn tribe. The reason she lies is that Khava wants to be something, wants to make a name for herself that will rival the stories of the once proud Dragonorn Empire in her people's fables. By linking herself to the mysterious continent, she can rienvent herself, from jungle native, to street urchin, to legendary warrior.

She met the Ironshield brothers in the city of Stormreach while saving up for passage to Xendrick, where she hoped to start her legend. By helping Eberk to save his brother the two were indebted to Khava, and they have helped her to forge her story ever since.

Glory is Khava's overarching goal. With fame will come a vindication of all the great stories she took pride in as a child. Within her heart rests the fires of a grand dragonborn warrior, part of a tradition that stretches back to time immesuarable for the races of Khorvaire.

Khava also finds herself drawn to discover more about her people, and the dragons and their prophecy. She is always pushing the others in the group to explore more ruins that have a connection to dragons or the dragonmarked houses.

Khava has a tendency to lie. Not to be hurtful or even to get what she wants, Khava lies to make her life feel more important and wonderful than it actually is. In her mind she embellishes details to make them sound more exciting and to spotlight her unique talents.


Crimson Reversal

With this combo Khava gains complete control of any duel.

The Setup
Khava must be adjacent to a bloodied enemy and bloodied herself, and her only remaining encounter attack power must be Imperiling Strike.

The Execution
1st: Khava begins this combo by attacking with Imperiling Strike, decreasing the opponents AC defense by 4.
2nd: Khava uses her minor action to activate Hidden Blade, giving her combat advantage against her opponent for her next attack.
3rd: Khava uses her action point to give herself another standard action. In addition, due to her paragon path, she now has a +4 untyped bonus to attack rolls.
4th: With her extra standard action Khava attacks using Rogue's Recovery (with a +7 to the attack roll, against an AC reduced by 4 points for +55% chance to hit), and since she has combat advantage the attack deals (with all items and bonuses taken into account) 7d8+1d6+17. Needless to say, if the enemy isn't dead, he will be soon.

Using Khava in Your Campaign
Khava can easily be ported to most D&D campaigns, provided the dragonborn race was at some point renowned for their martial prowess. Alternatively, perhaps Khava's tribe made up those stories, and she now struggles against a world that knows nothing of the fables that made her who she is.

Using Khava as an NPC
As an ally Khava makes an interesting friend of dragonborn characters, constantly pushing those PCs to excell and do their race proud. As an opponent, Khava could be working for a sinister dragon, honing her skills as its deadly assassin.

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