Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dax Bane, the Shadow Centurion of Information

Below you'll find a villain for Spirit of the Century, the Pulp Pick-up game of non-stop action by Evil Hat Productions. In particular, you can use good old Dax here to bring the Nazi's into the game a little earlier than World War II. He works well as part of a secret sect of the National Socialism Party (Nazi) with resources on par with (Beware: link contains spoilers) Neville Sinclair from the Rocketeer. Well, without further ado, I give you Dax Bane the Shadow Centurion on Information.

Dax's Background

Dax was born in Germany on December 31st, 1900, (to be exact just before the clock struck midnight) to a brave German soldier and his elegant wife. He was their second, and last, child. His parents wasted no expense in seeing Dax educated, and his gift for knowledge was astounding so great in fact that he was invited to study at Cambridge (in Britain) at the age of 13.

Of course, the Great War started not long after. And when Dax was able to finally return to Germany in 1919 it was to discover that his father and brother died in battle, and his mother of heartache shortly thereafter. It was to find his great homeland in shambles, shackled with the financial duty to pay for the war. For Dax, it was the end of one life, and the doorway to the next.

Dax grew disgruntled and angry as many German were. But Dax had a knack for gathering people, Dax had a gift for finding things out, and Dax's unique talents landed him a spot in the new National Socialism party.

Today Dax works for the Nazis finding rare arcane lore and uncovering salacious information about the party's political foes. Dax dreams of the return of a grand German Empire, and with the resources of his party, and his unique talents for uncovering and retaining knowledge he may have all the pieces he needs.

Dax Bane, Fascist Spy
Shadow Centurion; Nazi Spymaster
Significant Aspects: "I Know a Guy" * German * Natural Leader * "For the Fatherland" * Eavesdropper * The Nazi Party * Social Chameleon * Well Traveled * Great Expectations * Death in the Family

Great_____Deceit, Empathy
Good_____Investigation, Leadership, Rapport
Fair______Alertness, Fists, Guns, Resources
Average___Burglary, Intimidation, Resolve, Sleight of Hand, Stealth

Academics: Linguist
Deceit: Clever Disguise, Mimicry, Master of Disguise
Leadership: Personal Conspiracy, Minions x2, Reinforcements

Dax has a number of minions at his disposal, but he tends to work alone, only bringing in the minions when he expects a fight.

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Composure: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Fate Points: 10

Using Dax Bane in your Game
Dax Bane makes a great hidden villain with his Master of Disguise skill (which allows him to be any nameless character in any scene by spending a fate point). He has a fair number of minions at his disposal, and call on a member of the Nazi party for assistance as well which means that he has more than enough assistance if he finds himself at odds with the Century Club.

Dax is perfect for bringing a little Nazi into your game, after all IGN did rate them the number 1 most memorable villain.

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