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VG Meet DnD: Sorceress Sisters Twinrova from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The "Sorceress Sisters Twinrova" or just Twinrova, refers to the iconic boss battle including the evil witches Koume and Kotake and their fused form Twinrova from the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time. Considered one of the best by fans of the series, Koume and Kotake use their opposing Fire and Ice abilities which must be reflected back unto them. What makes the battle so memorable, however, are the little nuances in the witches personalities which come alive while fighting them. From their opening cryptic words, Twinrova's embarassing wink, to their petty bickering at their defeat, these characters make great villains and an epic solo battle. The stats below (using Koume and Kotake followed by Twinrova) make up a solo level 15 encounter.

"With my flame, I will burn him to the bone!"

Koume is an ancient evil witch with powerful fire magic. Along with her twin sister, Kotake, they are collectively known as Twinrova.

Koume Tactics

Koume will want to remain in the air on her broomstick, as she is old and slow on the ground. In addition this will keep her out of harm's way from powerful melee fighters and allow her to manuever around freely to use her Flaming Pool power. She will want to use her Brainwash power on a weak willed but physically strong character. When Koume and Kotake are utilizing their Sister Soul hit point pool, both witches will physically flinch when one is attacked, as it is damaging both. Koume may also use her high Bluff skill to try and trick the party and feign surrender, using her high Stealth to launch a surprise attack.


"With my frost, I will freeze him to his soul!"

Kotake is a decrepit evil sorceress with potent cold magic. Along with her twin sister, Koume, they are collectively known as Twinrova.

Kotake Tactics

Kotake prefers to take to the air for better maneuverability and to stay out of reach of melee combatants. She will use her Ice Sheet power whenever possible to keep her enemies still and make better targets for Koume's Flaming Pool. Kotake will use her Brainwash power on a weak willed foe soon after Koume as she will become jealous of her sister's slave and will want to make one of her own. Kotake may also use her acute Insight to play on her enemies' fears followed by Intimidate or Diplomacy to get her way.

Koume and Kotake Lore

A Character knows the following with a successful history or religion check

DC20 Koume and Kotake are ancient witches known for trying to resurrect evil deities to do their bidding. It is said that the two could raise massive armies of brainwashed men and women.

DC25 The two witches were often referred to collectively as Twinrova in historical/religious texts

A Character knows the following with a successful arcana check

DC20 Koume and Kotake are powerful sorceresses commanding the powers of fire and ice, respectively. It was thought that the two could merge into a more powerful ultimate being using their dark magic.

DC25 The amalgamate form of Koume and Kotake was called Twinrova


Twinrova is the result of Koume and Kotake's Double Dynamite Attack. She appears as a large, much younger woman, wielding a rod in each hand: one of flames and one of frost.

Twinrova Tactics

Twinrova may begin the battle using any of her abilities, depending on the formation of her enemies. If they are scattered around in all directions she will use either her Chain of Flames or Winter's Succession powers. If they are surrounding her closely she will drop to the ground to use her Flame Dancer power. Finally, if they are all in front, grouped closely together, she would use her Rain of Hail. Once her Flame Dancer and Rain of Hail powers are expended she will attempt to recharge them using Chain of Flames and Winter's Succession. Keep in mind her Fire Against Ice which will switch her resistances and vulnerabilities based on which type of attack she last used. The party may figure this ability out after a few trial and error rounds and use it to their advantage--if she is hit by the type she is resisting she will brush the attack off quickly but if she is hit by her weakness, she will cry out sharply.

Twinrova Lore

A Character knows the following with a successful history check

DC25 Twinrova is the fused entity of Koume and Kotake. The two witches are said to don this form only when they have no other choice. According to legend, Twinrova is impossible to defeat because of her shifting weaknesses and strengths.

A Character knows the following with a successful arcana check

DC25 Twinrova is the fused entity of Koume and Kotake. She uses both fire and ice magic and is said to be more powerful than the two witches are separately.

Using Twinrova in your 4th Edition DnD Campaign

Koume and Kotake, with their oddball personalities and penchant for brainwashing innocent bystanders, make a great recurring villain for a heroic-paragon campaign. The characters may first encounter the witches at a lower level where they fight one or both of them for a while before the witches flee into a portal, cackling with glee. The witches' ultimate goal may be to resurrect an evil deity or aspect of a deity, such as Orcus or Nerull. A close friend of the party may become brainwashed by the duo or could have been brainwashed from the start. Finally, at 15th level the party will be able to take care of them, feeling a great sense of accomplishment from defeating an ancient evil.

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