Tuesday, August 11, 2009

VG Meet DnD: The Peahat from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Peahat is one of the most unique and widely used enemies in the Zelda series, appearing in at least eight different games. My favorite incarnation is the large, larva spewing Peahat from Ocarina of Time, which you will find below converted to a 4th Edition DnD monster.


The Peahat is a common sight in large flat expanses of land, giving them plenty of room to fly around and patrol their territory for invaders. At night they root deep into the ground but will still attack if provoked.

Peahat Tactics
Once it senses that outsiders are near, the peahat will spiral out of the ground using its generate larva power to damage the foes and summon its minions. It has little regard for the welfare of the larva and will use its destroy larva power whenever possible. When an opponent scores a critical hit on the peahat it has effectively attacked its unprotected roots, which are usually well protected by its rapidly spinning, propeller like blades.

The peahat larva will try to surround a foe to increase their chances to hit using their circling strike power. The peahat will use destroy larva on the one not flanking an opponent.

Peahat Lore
A character knows the following with a successful Nature check.

DC15: Peahats are common in flat fields and
are very territorial. Once disturbed they will germinate larva to help defeat the intruder.

DC20: Peahats can spawn an endless supply of larva and will not cease until they are destroyed or the outsiders have left the area.

*The Legend of Zelda is property of Nintendo

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