Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Back

Hey all, I'm back from my trip and ready to hit the design process again. I'll be posting regularly again, although the schedule has changed. I've also got some new things lined up for the next few months and I'll be delving into some games that aren't Dungeons and Dragons. This doesn't mean the D&D love is jumping ship, only that I'm adding a few new spices to our wonderful brew.

First on the agenda, the new schedule. With school back in session and me trying to get used to the changes that will cause in my personal life I'll be putting up new posts on Saturday and Sunday every week. I'll also be posting other tidbits throughout the week, but anything I post on other days is just icing on the cake. You'll be seeing a little bit of variety in the posts I make in the coming months. I'd love to offer up a few more advice/tips articles like Alley Oop, join in a few more Blog Carnivals, and even offer my opinion on some of the games I've seen and what I've learned from them. The new variety pieces will not count against the Saturday and Sunday posts, those will still be new mechanics and content for your games.

Speaking of posts that don't count against the weekend quota Mariah will continue to post her Zelda related articles for some time into the future. If you missed her work I suggest you check out her post of Twinrova, which looks like one amazing encounter for your 4th edition game.

While I have been known to talk up how great 4th edition D&D is, and how much fun I have designing for it, I do have a number of other games that I also enjoy and would love to share what I'm working on with you. For instance, I'll be running a Mutants and Masterminds game soon and I'll have plenty of material to go with that, and I'm updating my 3.5 game to the Pathfinder rules and I'm currently working on a samurai class for the new system.

So, to recap Gen Con was great, and I'll be posting about my experiences there soon. My posting schedule has changed, and you'll be seeing material at least every Saturday and Sunday, with a few other pieces throughout the week. As for those other posts, many of them will break convention, covering unique uses of mechanics, what unique things I'm learning about the games I'm playing, and for the Nintendogs in the audience Mariah will continue posting her 4th Edition Zelda game content.

Thanks to everyone who reads this, and thank you to Mariah for picking up the slack so I could take a vacation.

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